Aldi launches £3.99 luxury candles just in time for autumn

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Aldi has launched two new limited edition candles and diffusers [Photo: Aldi]

It won’t be long until we’re spending long autumn nights curled up on the sofa and we’re already thinking up ways to make our home nice and cosy before summer’s out.

So we couldn’t believe our luck when Aldi announced the launch of two new limited edition candles (complete with matching diffusers) as part of its Luxury Collection range.

There are two £3.99 scents on offer online: Oud Bergamot and Honey and Nectarine.

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The first covetable candle and diffuser will boast a bergamot, cedarwood and praline aroma - perfect to burn during late night telly binges.

Aldi Oud and Bergamot luxury candle | £3.99 | Shop now

While the Honey and Nectarine scent is a must for those who prefer something sweet, as the candle will give off a fruity fragrance thanks to delightful honey, blackcurrant and peach notes.

Aldi Honey and Nectarine luxury candle | £3.99 | Shop now

If that isn’t enough for you to make a beeline to your local store, the candles and diffusers come packaged in iridescent bottles - an aesthetic sure to look the part in your home whether you sit them on the windowsill or by the fire.

Aldi Honey and Nectarine luxury diffuser | £3.99 | Shop now

But if they’re at the top of your wish list then you’ll need to move fast, as the purse-friendly chain’s first ever launch of luxury candles back in March 2017 set the Internet alight.

Aldi Oud and Bergamot luxury diffuser | £3.99 | Shop now

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