Aldi's £8.99 ethical spider catcher is back: 'Wish I'd bought one sooner'

spider catcher
If you don't like creepy crawlies, you need this gadget. (Aldi)

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Hate to break it to you, but all houses have spiders in them. Of course most hide behind or under furniture so they're largely hidden, but they're there.

They tend to put in an appearance in September, but the warm weather has seen a rise in false widow spiders entering our homes earlier than usual experts have warned.

Despite what horror films tell us, they're not out to 'get' us. We humans are more dangerous to spiders than they are to us. However, those with arachnophobia will be forgiven for wanting them gone - and there's a humane way to achieve that.

Aldi has a brilliant solution so you can gently and kindly get rid of any eight-legged intruders - an £8.99 spider catcher with a 68cm long handle, so you can keep some serious distance from the arachnid while placing it safely outdoors.

This gadget ethically and easily catches spiders. (Aldi)
This gadget ethically and easily catches spiders. (Aldi)

£8.99 at Aldi

Before you think 'nah, I'm sticking to spraying it to death with insect spray' know this: we shouldn't kill spiders because they are an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem – as well as being fellow organisms in their own right. Plus, they trap and eat insects so they're quite handy to have around.

Why we rate it

Not only does Aldi's Zero In Spider Catcher have a long handle so you can reach up into corners of ceilings , but it has soft bristles which means it can gently capture everything from spiders to moths and crane flies without harming them.

Once you capture the insect, you can release the rod outside and set the creature free.

If you are hoping for free delivery, you will need to spend more than £30. Although we’re sure you won’t struggle to find any necessary homewares from Aldi’s famous special buys section.

What the reviews say

Even shoppers who are terrified of spiders rate this product for its efficacy, ease of use and the fact that it's a humane way to deal with these unwanted home invaders.

  • "It’s spider season and I’ve already removed about 6 big spiders with this it’s great for short people with it’s long reach ideal for the corners of ceiling and it doesn’t kill spiders so you can just drop them outside I think it will last for years so very pleased with it."

  • "Terrified of huge spiders but I wanted a more humane way of dealing with them. Fortunately/ unfortunately I got to use the catcher 24 hours after receiving the item!! Worked perfectly!"

  • "Very clever gadget easy to use and great at what it’s made for."

  • "Finally been able to dispatch with the glass & card to catch spiders in the house. No need to climb on chairs to reach those on the ceiling that usually appear at bedtime. And the long handle means they can easily be deposited outside without leaving the doorstep."

  • "Have purchased this item elsewhere in the past and they have fallen apart very quickly, this one is much sturdier and a better price as well. Very good indeed."

Shop now: Aldi's Zero In Spider Catcher | £8.99 from Aldi

£8.99 at Aldi

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