Aldi is looking for Easter egg tasting officers - here’s how to apply

Love chocolate? This Aldi Easter egg taste tester gig was made for you (Getty)
Love chocolate? This Aldi Easter egg taste tester gig was made for you (Getty)

With Easter less than a month away (yes, really) and supermarket shelves already beginning to fill up with endless variations of chocolate eggs, it’s officially a sweet tooth’s favourite time of year.

If you consider yourself to be something of a chocolate connoisseur, then you’re in luck: Aldi is recruiting three ‘tasting officers’ to sample its Easter egg range.

The sweet gig will involve tasting the range, rating it and reviewing it. The feedback will play a pivotal part in helping the Aldi team come up with next year’s range.

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Aldi spokesperson, Julie Ashfield, said: "Their feedback will also help our buying team create next years’ showstoppers, to ensure we’re giving our shoppers what they want.”

Some of the eggs in Aldi’s range that the testers will be able to sample include Specially Selected Exquisite Beehive Egg with honeycomb pieces, as well as the sizeable Giant Dragon Egg.

How to become an Aldi Easter egg taste tester

Those hoping to apply should create a short video of themselves stating why they want to be an Aldi Easter egg taste tester and send it in by 15 March.

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Sample products will then be sent to the selected reviewers by 22 March who will need to upload their verdict videos by 29 March.

“We’ve never before had such a wonderful variety of Easter egg shapes, colours and flavour combinations," Ashfield added.

"We want to hear from people of all ages who simply love chocolate and can help showcase our innovative range. If this sounds like eggs-actly what you’ve been looking for, be quick.”

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To apply, you’ll need to send your video to, explaining why you should be chosen for the position.

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