Ferrero Rocher is bringing its chocolate bars to the UK

Ferrero Rocher in bar form? Yes, please (Getty)
Ferrero Rocher in bar form? Yes, please (Getty)

Chocolate lovers, rejoice. Everyone’s favourite Nutella-filled ball of goodness, Ferrero Rocher, is bringing the bar version of its chocolate to the UK.

Ferrero, the parent company of the Ferrero Rocher balls, Nutella and Kinder chocolate, is set to release the bar version in five varieties: white chocolate hazelnut, milk chocolate with hazelnut and almond, dark chocolate with hazelnut, original milk chocolate and a white chocolate Raffaello version.

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While it’s not set to hit our shores until September 2021, the people behind the Instagram account @newfoodsuk said that they tried the bars in 2020 and “loved them”.

Each bar is segmented into 15 squares and some are topped with a dome of the iconic rough hazelnut-dotted ball.

The bars also featured on the @johnssnackreviews Instagram account who said the bars are “really nice”.

"However, I'd always pick an actual Ferrero Rocher over the bars," he added in a caption. "The bars don't have the wafer, the big hazelnut and the chocolate blob in the middle."

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The bars were first released in Germany last year but have now been confirmed to be coming to UK supermarkets later this year (if only September could come sooner).

Another image from John’s account shows the white version of the bar that has a truffle-style filling inside. We can only hope it’s made of the same Nutella goodness that goes into the regular Ferrero Rocher balls.

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Instagram users were quick to fawn over the news of the incoming bars, with one commenting: “Whoa I can't wait to try it.”

Another wrote: “Oh yay, so glad they are finally coming to the UK. Very excited to try them all.”

Meanwhile, if you're looking to get your chocolate fix a bit sooner, a TikTok user has revealed how to make a dessert version of the cult baked feta pasta recipe.

Simply place Maltesers, marshmallows and a helping of chocolate sauce into a tray, bake until the marshmallows have melted and enjoy with brownies, strawberries or popcorn.

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