Aldi is selling kid's waterslide for £12.99 ahead of UK heatwave

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The bargain has been released just in time for the heatwave. [Photo: Aldi]
The bargain has been released just in time for the heatwave. [Photo: Aldi]

Temperatures are expected to soar to 30C next week and Aldi has released its £12.99 waterslide just in time.

After all, there’s nothing better than watching your children flop across the grass and into a muddy puddle.

With the UK’s summer holiday officially underway, this waterslide is just what you need.

It has two lanes for racing, so there will be no arguments about who gets to go first.

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It has spray jets in the middle to make sure they slide extra-fast all the way down. Plus, it can act as an unofficial lawn sprinkler in the process.

It also boasts a garden hosepipe attachment and two inflatable surf riders to play on.

To stop the children slathering all over the grass, there’s a water filled cushion at the end which will stop them in their tracks.

The slide is suitable for children over four years old and comes with a three-year guarantee. Not bad for £12.99.

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Paddling pools and waterslides have long been a parenting go-to during the hot weather. They keep children (and adults) cool and provide hours of entertainment.

They can, however, get a bit grimy after constant use.

Luckily, one mum came up with a genius hack to keep your garden games free from mildew and other gruesome critters.

She suggests using an old fitted sheet to cover the pool when it’s not in use protecting it from the insects, grass and other garden paraphernalia inflatable pools and slides seem to attract.

And the clever trick has gone down an absolute storm on social media, clocking up more than 10K shares and over 2,000 comments from impressed parents.

Thank us (or her) later!

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