Alcoholic still water is here for those who want to drink without putting on weight

Will you be giving spiked still water a go? [Photo: Pura Still]

From fiercely persevering with our New Year’s Resolutions to deperately trying to avoid a desk-side hangover, there’s a number of reasons why we might dodge a work night out.

But our social calendar won’t know what’s about to hit it, as a 90-calorie still water drink designed to allow you to drink alcohol (without sacrificing your diet and hydration levels) has landed.

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US beverage company, Pura Still, is set to change the party scene for good with flavoured water bottles (we’re talking blackberry, mango and mandarin orange) which contain 4.5% alcohol.

Crafted from “simple and straight-forward” products, the beverages are free from artificial ingredients and instead made with a refreshing splash of coconut water.

The boozy water comes in three different flavours [Photo: Pura Still]

According to the website, the drink is made from triple filtered malt alcohol and does not contain any liquor or spirits.

The “first of its kind” alcohol is made by fermenting malted barley extract and natural sugars before being filtered through proprietary filtration technology.

This means that the beverage only contains two grams of carbohydrates and one gram of cane sugar – impressive, huh?

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Pura Still claims that the result is a “high quality clear, neutral alcohol base that is so clean that it is preferred over premium vodkas in taste tests”.

Most interestingly, a number of customers have taken to Twitter to reveal that after drinking the beverages they woke up hangover-free without feeling bloated:

Pura Still is currently only available to purchase in the United States.