Airline cabin crew ditch uniforms for Eurovision-inspired outfits

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Members of cabin crew have swapped their uniforms for some iconic Eurovision outfits as they prepare to welcome fans flying in and out of the UK in the run-up to the competition.

Staff from easyJet's Liverpool base have embraced some of the more outlandish looks from past instalments of the competition, including Bucks Fizz's primary colours from their winning 1981 performance of Making Your Mind Up. The crew even performed the band's infamous skirt rip.

Aimee dressed like ABBA lead singer Agnetha Fältskog, donning her famous glitzy blue satin and suede jumpsuit, complete with knee-high silver platform boots.

Crew member Tayler embraced Ireland's Jedward, who wore a futuristic holographic all-in-one outfit in 2004, whilst Amanda channelled Ukraine's Ruslana, who sported a quirky leather and fur costume.

Ruslana won the 2004 contest with her song Wild Dances, scoring 280 points - which at the time was a record-breaking result.

The airline is a national sponsor of the competition, which will be hosted in Liverpool, England on 13 May on behalf of last year's winners, Ukraine.

Passengers flying in and out of the city this week may get to see cabin crew in fabulous outfits, with some employees even set to perform a tongue-in-cheek Eurovision-inspired safety announcement.

The crew's outfits were chosen following a poll of 2,000 Brits in which respondents were asked to vote on the most memorable Eurovision fashion styles of all time.

The findings also revealed that two-fifths (43%) of Brits will be partying this Eurovision weekend, with a third (32%) planning to pay homage to their favourite acts of bygone years by dressing up in iconic competition looks.

Bucks Fizz (43%), ABBA (38%), and Ruslana (10%) are the outfit choices that Brits are most likely to dress up as during Eurovision.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) said that they are more excited about the competition this year, as it lands on UK shores, and almost half (48%) cited the outrageous fashion as their favourite aspect of the spectacle.

"We couldn't be prouder to be a national sponsor of this incredible event that brings together people from many different cultures in celebration of the universal language of music!" exclaimed easyJet's Michael Brown. "Like this iconic competition, easyJet connects people, cultures and communities across Europe and beyond - in fact, easyJet operates more seats between the UK and Eurovision countries than any other airline. So, we are incredibly excited to play a role in this year's event, which is much loved by our people, as well as millions of our customers throughout Europe and our crew couldn't resist the opportunity to celebrate the competition in our own way - taking to the runway in the most iconic Eurovision looks of all time."

The top 10 most memorable outfits in Eurovision history are:

1. Bucks Fizz (United Kingdom) - 1981 - Winners

2. ABBA (Sweden) - 1974 - Winners

3. Jedward (Ireland) - 2021 - Entrant

4. Olivia Newton-John (United Kingdom) - 1974 - Entrant

5. 3+2 (Belarus) - 2010 - Entrant

6. Lordi (Finland) - 2006 - Winner

7. Scooch (United Kingdom) - 2007 - Entrant

8. Donatan & Cleo (Poland) - 2014 - Entrant

9. Conchita Wurst (Austria) - 2014 - Winner

10. Ruslana (Ukraine) - 2004 - Winner