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Affordable air conditioning units to keep you cool this summer

Woman holding fan on couch
As the UK is hit with a heatwave, the one thing we're hankering after is air con to cool us down. (Getty Images)

If you're struggling to sleep during the UK heatwave and have been fantasising about sitting in an air-conditioned home, we're here to make that dream a reality.

Some of us have already kitted out our homes with cooling devices, including the top-rated Dyson fan and mini desk fans to keep cool in our home office. Others have sought out paddling pools to relax in. And this cooling pillow insert is doing a roaring trade on Amazon.

Purchasing an air conditioning unit probably isn't something you've considered. They seem costly, cumbersome and perhaps a little pointless considering how many sweltering days we experience a year.

However, with global temperatures rising it's looking to be a good investment. According to a 2021 Met Office study, if global warming continues at its current rate, the number of extremely hot days in the UK could increase four-fold, from around 10 days a year now to 37 days a year.

With that in mind, we've hunted down the top-rated miniature air conditioners on Amazon – which are not only effective but also don't take up much space.

Shop Amazon's top-rated air conditioning units

YurDoca Portable Air Conditioner | £61.95

Currently ranked as the number one bestseller for mobile conditioning units on Amazon, this portable unit has a thick strap for easy manoeuvring from room to room.

Simply fill up its water tank and it'll get going spraying the room with cool air and offering a much needed respite from the heat. It also boats three levels of wind speed and built-in LED lights for added ambiance.

YurDoca Portable Air Conditioner | £54.99

This portable air conditioner has three speeds, and can simultaneously cool and dehumidify a humid room. It's powered via USB, so you can even plug it into your laptop to cool you down while you work. Requiring a water refill every eight hours, it's perfect for working from home and Amazon shoppers have described it as "small and powerful".

YurDoca Portable Air Conditioner | £53.98

Weighting only 500g, this air conditioning unit is a three-in-one design that can behave as an air conditioner with water and ice cubes, an air cooler with just water or an air circulator without water.

It also has seven different coloured nightlights and promises to be ultra-quiet so it won't disturb afternoon naps or zoom meetings.

Portable Air Cooler Mini Air Conditioner | £56.99

For less than £60, this mini air conditioning unit is an absolute steal. It has five speed settings and automatic oscillation and you can add up to 600ml of water or ice to cool air too. There's also a timer function between one and eight hours, which will allow it to shut down when you choose – particularly handy overnight.

Portable Air Conditioner Fan | £22.99

Save yourself from the sweltering heat with this budget-friendly cooling cube, costing less than £25. Portable and efficient, its water tank can provide non-stop spraying for up to eight hours, and will alert you when it needs topping up. There are three wind speeds, it can be charged via USB and is hundreds of pounds cheaper than investing in a full size air conditioning unit.

Portable Air Cooler Mini Air Conditioner | £56.99

This air cooler, air conditioner, table fan and mini humidifier does it all. It has a 600ml water tank, five wind speeds, 90-degree oscillation, a one to eight-hour timer and automatic shut-off.

The perfect size for your desk when working from home or on the nightstand to keep you cool overnight, it can also act as a night light.

Portable Mobile Air Conditioner | £51

This handy unit is a four-in-one air cooler, humidifier, air purifier and has seven LED lights. With a 300ml tank, it'll keep you cool for around four-five hours when filled with water and ice.

It's chargeable, wireless and portable so you can use it at home, take it to your next picnic or even bring it on camping trips. 

Portable Air Cooler | £37.99

This mini air cooler doubles up as an air purifier, humidifier and night light.

It has a detachable cotton filter (which is stain-resistant and reusable), three different speed settings and simply needs to be plugged in to start the cooling process. There is the option of adding water and ice for an extra cold blast of air too.

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