Need to cool down? Add this best-selling Amazon fan to your basket

The is the best-selling fan on Amazon right now. (Getty Images)

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Who remembers the big #fangate of 2019?

When you couldn’t get a fan to see you through the horribly humid nights for love nor money.

With nights heating up (and not in the good kind of way), the season of tossing and turning, flipping the pillows onto the cool side and pondering whether you should just have the entire window professionally removed, we’re in need of a fan once more.

But this time, we’re making sure we’re prepared.

With highs of 30 degrees about to hit the UK, and most of us still confined to our homes, things are about to get a little hot and sweaty - to say the least.

So with swimming pools still shut, the difficulties around social distancing on busy beaches and paddling pools already starting to sell out, we’re more keen than ever to have our fans ready and waiting when we need them.

The Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan is an Amazon bestseller, with no less than 2,500 glowing reviews and - crucially - it’s still in stock. You don’t get much cooler than that.

Why we rate it

Sitting up front and centre in first place on Amazon’s bestseller page is no easy feat, when you consider how many thousands of products the online marketplace sells.

Yet, the Honeywell fan is there in prized position.

We’re big fans of word of mouth, if other people rave about it, there’s a big chance we’ll love it too and you only need glance at a few of the negatively reviewed products on Amazon to see that the site’s shoppers put their buys through rigorous testing.

Not only is it quiet (noisy fans are a no-go), it’s also small enough to go on your bedside table and be carried around from room-to-room.

How it works

As well as boasting three different speeds, a variable tilt fan head with up to 90 degrees pivot, the fan also comes with a wall-mount feature saves floor or desk space.

The varying speeds help you adjust volume and intensity of air.

What the reviews say

With over 2,500 ratings, it’s clear that the internet are super fans of this, well, fan.

  • “Bought this fan before this summer’s heatwave and it has saved me from certain frazzlement at night... it is really quiet for a powerful fan and looks like a small jet engine.”

  • “I have had this fan for years now and it has never let me down, really powerful and sturdy!”

  • “There are three-speed settings via the circular knob on top, the lowest speed is a gentle breeze which is more than enough for me, the highest setting moves a fair bit of air but not so much that it is uncomfortable to sit in front of.”

  • Other shoppers provided helpful, additional tips:

  • “A year on and it's getting a little loud at times, but it's still going, it wasn't switched off at all for about 5 months as I have to have a fan on at all times for the background noise.”

Buy it: Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan | £26.05 from Amazon