Is the Dyson fan worth the money? Customers certainly think so

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater has been hailed "expensive but worth it" by customers.  (Yahoo Style)
Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater has been hailed "expensive but worth it" by customers. (Yahoo Style)

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If you’re anything like us, you may have been struggling to sleep in the heat and have fought your way through the night with your legs under the covers, then out; window open, then shut.

You may have turned to nifty desk fans when working from home, or handheld devices for when you are on the go.

You may be looking to invest in a larger fan for your home to make the heatwave a little bearable. If so, Dyson’s Hot + Cool Fan Heater is a device that often crops up in people’s recommendations.

Why we rate it

Unlike regular fans, Dyson’s Hot + Cool Fan Heater is a nifty gadget that can make sure you are at the perfect temperature all year round.

This design is not only fitted with a powerful cooling system, but also a warm airflow for the cold winter months.

It features a jet focus control, which means you can select from a long range personal airflow to target one particular spot, or a wide projection to cool, or heat, an entire room.

Its “intelligent” thermostat monitors your room to ensure it maintain your chosen temperature, which, combined with the built-in sleep timer, means your sleep will not be disturbed.

Plus it claims to be 75% quieter than other fans, which is ideal for light sleepers or those who struggle to settle into a slumber.

What we love most is that the fan automatically shuts off if it falls over and has no dangerous sharp blades or visible heating areas, which could be hazardous to young children.

What the reviews say

Dyson’s AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater retails for £399, and while some may be debating whether to splash out that much on a home appliance, customers’ reviews give it the seal of approval as a worthwhile investment.

Here’s what the reviews say:

  • “Great product so quiet! Good for that little bit of warmth in the morning and awesome in hot weather. Looks great in the room and the baby sleeps to it!”

  • “Excellent product for summer and winter. Well designed and very useful.”

  • “Expensive but worth it.”

  • “Chose this because I already have a Dyson cold air fan which is very good and I was planning to get another. This does both jobs, so will save storage space.”

  • “I have had for over 2 years, and I am happy, it’s a brilliant machine.”

  • “We knew that if there was another heatwave like the first one we had this year our conventional little fan would not cope. Yes, it is on the expensive side, but the advantages seemed worth it and we have not been disappointed.”

  • “Hesitated initially because of the cost, but having read the Which? review and others on this site decided to opt for this model. It exceeded expectations.”

Buy it: Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater | £399 from John Lewis & Partners

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater
Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

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