A 'gin school' has opened and we all want to enrol

Gin school setup
Just a few things you’ll get to see at the School [Photo: Instagram/listokedistillery]

According to research, one thing gin lovers might all have in common is that we’re sadists.

Oh, great.

But at least now we can be educated sadists, as a gin school has opened in Ireland.

Listoke Distillery in the Irish town of Drogheda has opened a school dedicated to teaching its students about the wonderful world of juniper.

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Every Saturday, the Listoke Gin School opens to educate all who sign up to it about gin making including “designing the flavour profile for your own personal gin”.

According to the Distillery’s website, you’re first greeted with refreshments upon arrival (first requirement: check) followed by a “brief introduction and history of Listoke Estate and our distilling heritage” (why not) before being given a tour of the distillery and its state-of-the-art equipment.

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“Then the fun begins,” the website says.

“We treat you to three different gin profiles – this assists you in designing the flavour profile for your own personal gin.

“Subsequently we educate you on botanicals.

Gin schoo
If only we could take the amazing-looking equipment home [Photo: Managing Director
Listoke Distillery & Gin School]

“Once you’ve selected your botanicals you will be ready to distil your own exclusive bottle in your own miniature still.

“Once distilled, you bottle, label and seal your product. What you do with it afterwards is up to you!”

And if you weren’t won over already, refreshments will be served throughout the session.

Sign up to the distillery’s classes here.

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