7 ways to keep your jumper bobble-free this winter

How do the street style set keep their knitwear looking Instagrammable all year round? [Photo: Getty]

Nothing beats a chunky roll neck with a cup of coffee to hand during long autumnal walks. But while our jumper obsession is fun and all, it can prove hard to upkeep.

With the continuous risk of developing non-Instagrammable bobbles in our Ganni knits, there’s only one thing for it.

Yes, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up the ways in which you can remove and prevent pesky pilling.

So make sure to memorise a few before hitting the shops this season:

Wash your clothes inside out

It may seem obvious to some but simply turning your jumpers inside out before heading to the washing machine can prevent a few bobbles or two.

And we strongly believe that your favourite jumper deserves its own spin. Washing your knits with other clothing items will only spell disaster, as the garments will rub up against each other resulting in unwanted pilling.

Step away from the fabric softener

Try and avoid the temptation to treat your knits with fabric softener this season. This will only make the jumper stiffen and increase the risk of pilling.

Hand wash your jumpers

If you’re terrified that the washing machine will shrink your go-to knit (we’ve all been there) simply hand wash your jumpers instead. It’s a win-win situation.

Stay clear of the drier

Stick to the good old fashioned method of air drying your jumpers, as the heat and friction of the drier will only increase the risk of pilling.

Who doesn’t want a jumper worthy of the street style set? [Photo: Getty]

Treat jumpers with care

Regularly brushing your knits with a lint roller will reduce the appearance of bobbles and prevent the risk of pilling.

Take action

So pilling has taken control of your go-knit. Don’t panic, as there are a few quick tricks to restore the jumper back to its former glory.

First, take a pair of nail scissors and gently trim away any pesky threads from the fabric. Next, take a fresh razor and while pulling the knit taut, carefully shave away any bobbles from the surface.

Sandpaper can also work wonders if you gently swipe the top of the jumper to remove pilling. Velcro is also a tool which has been proven to remove unwanted bobbles. But instead of using a swiping technique, make sure to use a quick dabbing motion to prevent the risk of pulling the threads more.

Invest in the must-have tools

Roxanna Pelka, cleaning expert of UK’s leading cleaning platform Helpling told Yahoo Style UK: “Everybody knows that situation: you want to make yourself comfy in your favourite knit and suddenly it’s bobbly instead of soft and cuddly! Unfortunately, this is a sign for scuffed fabric. As we can’t prevent this, there is only one solution left to extend their wear: a lint shaver!”

So, if you would rather stay clear of makeshift solutions, invest in a clothes shaver or an electric fuzz remover instead.

Bring on the snow.

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