Six unexpected health benefits of tequila

Calling all tequila lovers; some great news for you m’dears, not only does this fine spirit make you happy (oh yes) it also has a host of surprising health benefits.

So, whether you’re knocking it back straight with some salt and lime, enjoying it in a classic margarita or just sipping it on the rocks, grab your drink, step up to the mirror, give yourself a pat on the back and repeat out loud “I’m doing my body a favour.”

1. It doesn’t give you a hangover

True story. Okay, okay, there’s a condition with this one; firstly you’ve got to drink the good stuff, none of that cheap corner shop junk. Tequila can be called tequila even if it has a load of other stuff mixed in with it. Sugar, colorants and other alcohols reduce the quality of your drink and we all know that mixing your booze maketh for a morning after horror show. Look out for “100% Agave”, according to Forbes, “Under Mexican law, tequila must be made from only the blue Weber agave plant from the Tequila region in the state of Jalisco.” That’s the good stuff you’re looking for. Treat yo’ self.

2. Tequila may work as a pain reliever

Yes, a wee dram of tequila improves blood flow by dilating the blood vessels and it’s this reaction that contributes to relieving pain – not just the booze impacting on your brain. According to TABÉlog “If you drink a shot or two of high quality tequila when you’re experiencing back pains for example, you should be able to feel the difference after only a few minutes.” Obviously don’t mix booze with medication and avoid self-medicating with booze!

3. It’s good for your gut

Tequila can aid digestion, according to researchers at Plant Foods for Human Nutrition the fructans have pre and probiotic properties. Prebiotics promote the growth of “friendly bacteria” in your intestines and probiotics contain good bacteria that help fight bad bacteria. Win…in moderation obviously.

4. It’s better for diabetics

Tequila has significantly less sugar than other alcohol meaning diabetics can have a shot or two without it having such an intense impact on blood sugar levels.

5. It reduces the chances of developing dementia

According to the Beeb, indulging in a couple of alcoholic beverages can reduce your chances of developing dementia, and what’s in tequila? Alcohol of course. But before you go necking copious amounts of booze, the same report also showed a correlation between high alcohol consumption and increased risk of dementia. So moderation, yeah?

6. Use it as a cold and flu remedy

Mix tequila, agave nectar and fresh lime juice and you’ve basically got Mexico’s answer to the hot toddy.

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