Make the perfect G&T with this flavour-matching gin wheel

Gin and tonic
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The great thing about going out for a fancy gin and tonic is that the bartender always knows exactly what sophisticated garnish to include.

You know – grapefruit, black pepper, thyme – even rose petals.

And if you’re a well-seasoned gin drinker, you might want to get some of this mixology knowledge into your own kitchen.

Especially if you even already know which gins are ‘citrussy’ and which are ‘herbal’.

Either way, thanks to online gin hub Gin Foundry, you can now find the perfect garnish or flavour to match your perfect gin with using this ‘gin tasting wheel’.

Gin tasting wheel
[Photo: Gin Foundry]

The wheel matches gin types to the right botanicals and explains the corresponding flavours, featuring everything from classic lime to quince, saffron and manuka honey.

‘Creamy’ gins are best served with vanilla, and ‘jammy’ ones with cherry, for example.

“Most of us have been brought up to understand and recognise colours and shapes by name but most of us have never learnt how to express flavours in words,” the website reads.

“So, with that in mind, Gin Foundry have created this Tasting Wheel in the hopes of helping those in trouble to develop a more educated palate and empower them with ways to articulate it.

Gin and tonic up close
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“From citrus to spiced, herbal to floral and the variables in-between, the Tasting Wheel will help you understand botanicals in a new way and unlock your vocabulary to explain to others what you are experiencing.”

We’re sold – and it’d look pretty good on one of our walls too.

You can buy it for £4 here.

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