This woman forgot to apply sunscreen and the consequences were horrifying

Never, ever miss it out if you’re going out in the sun [Photo: Pexels]

We’re all guilty of walking out of the house without sunscreen only for temperatures to soar.

But not all of us have done that and ended up running a marathon.

Which is what one unfortunate woman did, and she paid the horrific price.

Avid runner Julie Nisbet from the UK (yes we’re talking about UK sunshine here) forgot to apply sunscreen before going on an ultramarathon, in which she ran 69 miles in 21 hours.

Beginning the mission at 7am, she only put SPF 30 all over her body once she reached her first pit stop at 10am.

And at her next pit stop 27 miles later, she could feel the backs of her legs burning, but just applied more sunscreen and carried on.

But 21 hours later when she’d finally finished the trek she realised this was the last thing she should have done as blisters began to form on her legs.

After a two-hour nap she went straight to an urgent care clinic where she had the blisters dressed and was told to come back the following day.

But the following morning, those blisters had become absolutely huge and agonising (if you can’t handle gore, look away now).

At the clinic they drained the fluid and re-bandaged her legs, and she hopes to recover soon.

“The healing process has been painful — the burning and throbbing as the blisters have filled was a horrendous experience,” Nisbet told Buzzfeed.

“The pressure in my legs when standing/walking has been also been agonising at times. But a week on, it’s all improving.

“The itching beneath the bandages has started, so hopefully I can have the bandages off completely in the next few weeks!”

Respect to Nisbet for staying positive, but it’ll take even us a while before we feel we can eat again.

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