Mum faces backlash over daughter’s birthday photoshoot

A mum is facing online ridicule over the way she chose to depict her young daughter in a photoshoot.

Kayla Frizzell, a photographer based in Australia, claims the backlash began when she shared images of her daughter Mia on May 21. The photos, taken in celebration of Mia's 1st birthday, showed the toddler playing with, holding and dirtying her fingers with a bucket of KFC chicken.

"If you know me, you know I LOVE KFC so it was only fitting to swap a cake out for some chicken!" Frizzell wrote. "Turns out she loves KFC and doesn't love to share it, haha!"

However, the mum later updated her post to explain that she'd received "horrible messages" about the photos, with Facebook users complaining that she was overfeeding her daughter and glorifying a diet that is unhealthy for young kids.

"After receiving some horrible messages about my daughters 'size' I would like to add that she is perfectly healthy and very well fed," Frizzell wrote. "The KFC is for prop purposes only, and her father and I enjoyed eating it all once the shoot was over. Please keep the negative comments to yourself."

It's unclear exactly what the messages said, as Frizzell implied that they were sent privately. Meanwhile, the public comments on her post were generally positive, praising the mum for her "perfect" and "adorable" idea.

"I love this idea and I of course have always loved KFC," one user wrote. People really need to get a life and stop being so judgemental. Whatever happened to the old saying, 'if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it?'"

"My sister LOVED KFC when she was little like yours! Tell the haters to mind their business," another added.

- This story first appeared on In The Know