Luxury airline caught pouring Champagne back into bottle

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Luxury airline caught pouring Champagne back into bottle
Luxury airline caught pouring Champagne back into bottle

A video showing a flight attendant apparently pouring Champagne back into a bottle has gone viral.

A passenger took the video while in business class on an Emirates flight.

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It is thought to show unconsumed complimentary Champagne - handed to passengers in business class - being poured back into the bottle.

According to the Daily Mail, Russian passenger Yevgeny Kayumov filmed the incident on the upper deck of an A380 while flying business class en route to Dubai.

According to The Sun, he shared the picture on Instagram, tagging Emirates in, and wrote:

, "Emirates accidentally got into the frame, did not even notice at first.

"Is it the norm to dump the undrunk champagne back in the bottle?"

While some people left comments saying it was not hygienic, others said they applauded a lack of waste.

However, a flight attendant suggested the woman was probably just putting all the leftover liquid back in one place before getting rid of it later.

She wrote: "We're not allowed to pour things out while we're on the ground. I bet they're pouring it all back in the bottle so they can then pour it out at cruising instead of dumping it all in the trash can making it all soggy before takeoff..."

According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for the airline said: "Emirates always strives to provide the top quality service.

"Actions recorded on this video do not comply with our quality standards. We are currently investigating the incident."

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