160,000 people sign petition calling for McDonald's to launch a vegan burger

Thousands call for McDonald’s to launch a vegan burger on online petition. [Photo: Getty]
Thousands call for McDonald’s to launch a vegan burger on online petition. [Photo: Getty]

More than 160,000 people have signed a petition encouraging McDonald’s to launch a vegan burger.

It was originally launched to petition McDonald’s to add a meat-free burger to the menu. Since then, thousands of people across the world have got involved saying that it should in fact be a vegan burger. Many of the vegetarian options currently available worldwide include dairy.

The petition was started as a response to Burger King launching its meat-free Impossible Burger at select restaurants in Missouri, USA, last week.

The Impossible Burger was an instant hit with people describing it as “convincing” and “familiar”. People commented on social media in their droves to say how tasty the meat-free alternative was.

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Customers were hopeful that the McVegan, which is currently only available in Finland and Sweden, would be launched worldwide. The McVegan was launched in a small amount of Nordic outlets just ahead of Veganuary in 2018.

Over a year has passed, though, and the McVegan is still only available in Finland and Sweden.

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The McVegan was put on the menu in the two countries as a test for six weeks. It performed so well that they made it a permanent fixture.

In the UK, McDonald’s has a selection of vegetarian options available. These include the Vegetable Deluxe and The Spicy Veggie One. McDonald’s do not promote these as vegan though, due to risks of cross-contamination.

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The growing demand for vegan food has never been more evident in the UK. Nothing divided us quite like the launch of Greggs vegan ‘sausage’ roll earlier this year.

There’s also more vegan and dairy-free Easter eggs available than ever before. So, come on McDonald’s what are you waiting for?

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