13 celebrity mums who've got real about motherhood

Before you have kids, you sort of think the journey into parenthood will be all twinkle twinkle little stars and fluffy bunnies. And then you have the kids and before you can say ‘where’s the wet wipes?’ you’re knee-deep in pooey nappies, your nipples are leaking and you’ve forgotten what it feels like to sleep for more than a twenty minute stretch.

Thankfully, the pressure to keep up the motherhood myth has eased somewhat of late and a growing band of celebrity mums have ditched the sugar coating and instead are choosing to reveal the truth about parenting – baby vomit, stretchmarks and all.

Unofficial leader of this honest mums pack is Giovanna Fletcher, who having recently spoken about spoke out about the judgement mums face over their post-baby bodies is now tackling another postpartum problem – hair loss.

Taking to her Instagram, the mum-of-two shared a close up picture of her head in shadow, which revealed some tufty hair regrowth.

“My shadow seems to think I have a fringe… looks like that postpartum hair loss/growth thing has been working its magic!” she wrote.

The post clearly touched a nerve with other parents as it has since been liked almost 8K times and received comments from many mums sharing their own stories of pregnancy and postpartum hair loss.

“I feel you!!!!! My daughter is 3 weeks older then buddy and my hair is fluff central. Better then the massive bald patch I had at 5 months postpartum though!,” one mum wrote.

“Ah so glad it’s not just me! I have tufts on both sides of my head and my little girl is 3. I look like I have devil horns most of the time,” added another.

And Giovanna isn’t the only celebrity to be open and honest about the realities of parenting. Here are some other celebrity mums who have been getting real about motherhood. Playdate soon?

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