Giovanna Fletcher: We need to stop judging ‘post baby bodies’


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Mums get a hard time of it post-birth. In addition to having a tiny little human to take care of, they’re also faced with a huge heap of pressure to slim down and return to their pre-pregnancy shape. But with celebrities such as Giovanna Fletcher taking a stand, a change could be coming.

Speaking to Yahoo Style UK, the mum-of-two said that while she shouldn’t be criticised for not being in any rush to ‘ping’ back to her pre-baby weight, equally either should women who put the hours in at the gym following their birth.

“I’m in no rush to lose weight – I’ve got other priorities, and that is very much bottom of the list,” she says to us, adding:

“But I respect anyone that does and women that ‘ping back’. That’s the problem – people who diss people who snap back as much as they do people that don’t.”

“Neither should be judged or made to feel guilty either way – there’s already enough judgement in this world. We should choose for ourselves and whichever we chose, that’s fine.”

Giovanna’s no stranger to pressure - and unasked for attention on her figure. Just two weeks after giving birth to her youngest son, Buddy, the 31-year-old found herself at the receiving end of some harsh comments about her postnatal figure.


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Taking to her blog after the incident took place, Giovanna, who also has a two-year-old son with her husband Tom Fletcher, opened up about what it’s like when another person comments on your figure.

“A few days ago I had a near stranger point at my stomach, laugh and say ‘Oh look, mummy’s still got her tummy’. This was eleven days after giving birth. I was so shocked I laughed,” she wrote.

“But the words have stuck with me,” she continued. “Obviously. It wasn’t left there either as there was another comment about my face ‘slimming down’. More than anything, I was baffled over the stranger’s need to share her thoughts.”


[Photo: Instagram/Giovanna Fletcher]


[Photo: Instagram/ Giovanna Fletcher]

It’s not just comments with strangers that Giovanna’s struggled with; the author admits that returning to work is a decision that still weighs on her mind.

“It’s a juggling act – you feel guilty when you’re doing one and guilty when you’re doing the other,” she says. “But actually, you can show them something to aspire to. When we are working, it’s not a decision we’ve made lightly.”

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