12 surprising foods you can and can't put in the freezer

Sure we know there are certain foods we keep in the fridge that we know we really shouldn’t, but you can more or less chuck anything in the freezer, right? Wrong.

In fact there are some foods (and drinks) that die a horrible death if they are frozen. Think soggy salad leaves, flavourless fruit and fizzy drink explosions.

On the flipside there are some surprising food stuffs that freeze amazingly well and could reboot your whole kitchen ethos.

“People can get quite confused when it comes to understanding what can and can’t be frozen, this is mainly down to food labelling,” Stuart Benson, Sales Director of Gorenje UK. “Unless it expressly states that it can be frozen, people will quite often shy away from doing so.”

So how do we know how wide to cast the frozen net?

“As a general rule of thumb it is not recommended to freeze carbonated drinks as the frozen gas may expand and explode in your freezer,” Stuart Benson continues.

“While this isn’t dangerous, it might cause an awful mess! You should also steer clear of freezing food and drink in glass containers. The dramatic temperature change could cause the glass to crack.”

But if you’re looking for some more specific suggestions about what you can and can’t freeze, we’ve saved you the hassle (and potential money-wasting) of putting them to the test yourself. You’re welcome.

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