102-year-old British twins celebrate big day with photoshoot, say plenty of iron and drinking daily keeps them healthy

Words by Hope Schreiber.

Identical twins Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump credit their long life and youthful appearance to getting plenty of iron and having two drinks a day, but it’s their companionship that may be the main reason they remain so healthy.

The twins are ringing in their 102nd year on Tuesday, Nov. 20, and they documented the momentous occasion with a photoshoot.

Phyllis’s son, Carl, 59, tells Caters News Agency, “I feel very proud of mum and Aunty Rene, I’ve always been very proud of them both. I had to do an online search to confirm it, but Aunty Rene and mum are definitely the oldest twins in Britain, I’m yet to contact the Guinness Book of World Records, but I will.”

Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump celebrate their 102nd birthday with a photoshoot. (Photo: Caters Clips via YouTube)
Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump celebrate their 102nd birthday with a photoshoot. (Photo: Caters Clips via YouTube)

The twins, who were born in 1916, have lived through two world wars and seen four reigning monarchs. On their 100th birthday, they received a birthday card from Queen Elizabeth herself.

“Neither of them have arthritis, everything works perfectly — their blood pressure and everything is excellent,” Carl told the outlet. “They should definitely be going for a while, there’s no signs of them mellowing down. I see them at least once a day, sometimes even four times a day — it’s great. They both live together and are really feisty — they have to, being sisters and twins.”

While Phyllis has vascular dementia, she only occasionally complains about a few aches and eye problems. Irene, while mentally healthy, can’t move around like she used to. Otherwise, they’re in fantastic shape.

Phyllis says she doesn’t like one drink, she “likes two or three.” Irene, however, thinks that iron intake is a key to health. “I used to love a Guinness. Every night I had a Guinness. In the winter, mom used to put the poker in the fire, get it right out and then put it in the glass. And that was the iron and that done you good. That might have helped me a bit.”

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