10 things you probably never knew about your boobs

Boobs are pretty awesome no? [Photo: Getty]
Boobs are pretty awesome no? [Photo: Getty]

Boobies, puppies, the girls, breasts, titties…Boobs are pretty amazing things. But though you might think you know everything there is to know about your lady lumps, there are actually some pretty surprising boob facts that will likely make you see your bumpy bits in a whole new light.

From what happens to them if you smoke, to why 80% of us are wearing the wrong size bra and how your nipples could be your biggest asset in the bedroom, here’s our definitive guide to your jiggly bits. Because there’s way more to your boobs than just cleavage.

You’re probably wearing the wrong size bra

According to a recent survey by lingerie brand Freya, 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. What’s more of those, almost a third purchased their bra knowing it wasn’t the right fit. Apparently the most common combination of errors is to wear an over-sized back size with a cup size that is too small.

Lingerie experts suggest booking to be measured at a proper lingerie shop once a year. Not only does wearing the wrong bra size affect your outfit, it can have all sorts of health repercussions including back, neck and shoulder pain.

Your boobs will change size throughout your life

Even more reason to get them measured regularly. Not only do boobs have the ability to change by an entire cup size depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle thanks to hormomes, boobs can also alter significantly at various stages of your life including during pregnancy and as you get older.

80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra [Photo: Getty]
80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra [Photo: Getty]

Not all nipples are equal

In fact there are eight, yes eight different types. Protruding means that the nipple protrudes just a few mms from the areola (the skin around the nipple). Flat nipples are exactly as they say on the tin, but when someone is aroused or there is a temperature change, they will rise. Puffy have the same appearance as flat nipples but the areola is risen above the breast. Inverted means the nipple is dimpled and there are three different degrees of this, from just minor dimpling to totally inverted. Ever noticed little bumps on your nipples, well those are Montgomery glands and are totally normal, everyone has them but they’re more noticeable in women with a Bumpy nipple type. Then there’s hairy. Everyone has hair follicles around their nipples, but some have hairier nips than others. Finally, there are Unilateral nipples, meaning one nipple is inverted and the other is not.

One boob is probably bigger than the other

And your left is likely the bigger boob. Statistically left breasts are bigger although science isn’t exactly sure why. In a survey, 65% of women stated that their right breast was smaller.

Boobs are pretty weighty

The average breast weighs 1.1lbs and contains around 4-5% of the body’s total fat. The average bra size in the UK is a not insubstantial 36DD (Rigby & Peller’s best selling bra is a 32E!)

Having more than two nipples is not uncommon

Known as Supernumerary Nipples, 1 in 18 people have more than two nipples. They often appear on the “milk line” which starts at your armpit but they can be as far away as the foot. Celebrities Mark Wahlberg, Tilda Swinton and Lily Allen are all rumoured to have three nipples.

Smoking can make your boobs saggy

Smokers’ breasts tend to sag as the chemicals in cigarettes destroy the skin’s elastin. As if you needed another reason to quit!

Sadly you can't make your boobs more pert [Photo: Getty]
Sadly you can’t make your boobs more pert [Photo: Getty]

You can’t tone up your boobs

Breasts contain no muscle, which means they can’t be toned, although some experts do suggest working your pectoral muscles can make them appear more toned.

Your boobs are going to sag with age. FACT.

The reason? As we get older connective tissue in the breasts are replaced by fat. Oh joy!

Your boobs can give you an orgasm

Yep, boobgasms are an actual thing. Apparently women’s brains process vagina and nipple stimulation in exactly the same way. Plus a survey revealed that 82% of women say boob-play turns them on, or at least gets them more aroused than when they don’t get any attention.

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