Breakfast in a mug? Yorkshire Tea launches toast and jam flavour combo

Yorkshire Tea have created a new Toast & Jam brew. (Yorkshire Tea)
Yorkshire Tea have created a new Toast & Jam brew. (Yorkshire Tea)

Toast, jam and a steaming hot cup of tea, is one of the most quintessentially English breakfast combos.

Which may well be why Yorkshire tea has tried to capture all the deliciousness of this morning treat in its new Toast & Jam Brew.

Yep, the tea bods at the popular brand have squished the taste of jam on toast into an extra strong version of their classic cup of Rosie.

The unusual flavour mash-up will launch exclusively in Asda from Thursday 24 September, and will cost £2.29 per pack of 40 tea bags.

You’ll also be able to pick it up in other supermarkets later in the year.

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While flavoured teas are typically brewed with just water, Yorkshire Tea reckon the Toast & Jam flavour combo is best served with a splash of milk.

Commenting on the decision to mess with the classic cuppa, Kate Halloran, tea innovation manager at Yorkshire Tea and the brains behind the new flavour, said: “Toast & Jam is a lip-smacking smattering of toasty, jammy loveliness.

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“Perfect for mornings, it is a strong breakfast blend with all of the loveliness of jam on toast without the crumbs. We wanted to create a tea that will send people into their day with a spring in their step and a smile in their soul.

“This new brew has been a long time in the making and I absolutely can’t wait for everyone to try it. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

The new brew is completely gluten free, has been sourced and blended from natural ingredients and is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Yorkshire Tea answered some tongue-in-cheek FAQs about the new flavour combo on Twitter:

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The tea brand has been teasing the launch for a while now, sharing pictures of someone dipping their breakfast into their cuppa on social media.

But news of the flavour mix-up has received a mixed response with some sharing their skepticism about the unusual flavour combo.

But others were looking forward to trying the mash-up.

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This isn’t the first time the brand has stepped outside the typical tea box either.

Back in 2018, they launched Biscuit Brew, which gives the moorish taste of dipping the sweet treat in your cup.

The Toast & Jam brew will join it, as well as the decaf Bedtime Brew to make up the speciality range.

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The new Toast & Jam brew joins the biscuit and bedtime teas. (Yorkshire Tea)
The new Toast & Jam brew joins the biscuit and bedtime teas. (Yorkshire Tea)

We take our tea pretty seriously over here, but we’re open to giving it a go. You?

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