A Yorkshire pudding pizza now exists

In all its glory [Photo: Facebook/Rebels’ Smokehouse]
In all its glory [Photo: Facebook/Rebels’ Smokehouse]

You can’t reasonably call yourself a Brit if you don’t like your Yorkshire puddings filled to the brim with gravy.

But if you chose to fill one with pizza topping instead, where would that leave you? Satiated, that’s for sure.

Introducing the Yorkshire Pudding Pizza Pot Pie: a pizza made out of a huge Yorkshire pudding base, a layer of sausage meat and tomato and a generous slathering of cheese topping.

Could you stomach it? [Photo: Facebook/Rebels’ Smokehouse]
Could you stomach it? [Photo: Facebook/Rebels’ Smokehouse]

Invented by Rebels’ Smokehouse, a diner in Beverley in East Yorkshire, it’ll set you back £15.95 but leave you with culinary memories to cherish forever.

It’s cooked upside down so the pudding casing stays nice and crisp and, unsurprisingly, racks up a whopping 1,500 calories.

And equally unsurprisingly, the pudding pizza (come to think of it, is it a pudding or a pizza?) has been a hit on social media and gathered up plenty of fans already.

“Whoever invented Yorkshire pudding pizza I am forever grateful omg,” wrote one fan on Twitter, while others have called it a “game changer”.

Could you handle it?

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