Yellowstone: Season 5's return and will there be season 6?

Yellowstone has won over legions of fans during its first four seasons - and that is set to continue into its fifth.

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The Paramount Network show, which tells the story of the Dutton family and their huge Montana ranch, is due to return to screens imminently.


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When is season 5 coming back?

It was announced in February 2022 that Yellowstone - which stars Kevin Costner - would be returning for a fifth season.

Fans haven’t got long to wait now - it will air next month on 13 November.

While there are usually ten episodes per series, according to the Wall Street Journal this one will feature 14 installments.

In September, some of the show’s stars gave Entertainment Weekly insight into what viewers can expect - including difficulties for newlyweds Rip and Beth.

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Cole Hauser (who plays Rip) said: “What I like about what [Taylor Sheridan] wrote is that he slow burns this year with me and Beth.

“In the beginning, there's some wonderful moments between the two of us, some stuff that she's going through in her past, that she's having to acknowledge for the first time, and me trying to help her through that."

Kelly Reilly (who plays Beth) added: “The war feels internal this year for her," Reilly added, "[She's] haunted by the past, afraid for the future and fighting with all she has for the present moment."


The new season will be returning shortly

Will there be a season 6?

Season five may be still to arrive, but you’d be forgiven for wondering if the gripping plot will continue into a sixth season.

There hasn’t been anything announced so far from Paramount, however the network prefer to announce things closer to the time, according to Town & Country.

Making its continuation particularly likely is its sparkling ratings - Deadline reported that the season four finale drew 10 million viewers in January 2022, an increase of 79% from the previous season.

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