After Years Of Resisting, McDonald's Coffee Has Won Me Over

McCafé mug full of beans
McCafé mug full of beans - Scott Olson/Getty Images

Like a good number of caffeine enjoyers, I've been drinking coffee since I was about 14 years old. Needing to wake up at the crack of dawn every weekday (and knowing energy drinks were pretty much terrible), I opted for java. I would either swing by Dunkin' or pour the remnants of my mom's percolator into a Thermos and chug it before the first-period bell rang. Coffee also came in handy during many long nights of studying, writing essays, and working through algebra problems. Thankfully, since my teenage years, my palate has expanded a bit. While I'm certainly no coffee snob and hate spending a fortune on my daily cuppa, I do enjoy trying new shops, roasts, and flavors.

Yet, until recently, I somehow never tried a sip of McCafé coffee. I literally live less than two blocks away from a McDonald's and indulge in sausage McMuffins for breakfast every once in a blue moon, but I've been so used to brewing my own coffee at home that I never really thought to add coffee to my order. Why, though? Honestly, I assumed McDonald's java would taste as cheap as it costs.

Turns out, the McCafé line does align well with the overall vision of Mickey D's: inexpensive, no-frills, quick, and (most importantly) satisfying. Many of my friends and family members swear by the famous chain's coffee, so I decided to see what all the fuss is about. I'm happy to report I was thoroughly impressed.

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McCafé Coffee Has A Pleasant Aroma And Surprisingly Bold Flavor

McCafé coffee with breakfast foods
McCafé coffee with breakfast foods - mccafecyprus / Instagram

First things first: the taste. McDonald's is on top of its game in the coffee department. To get a genuine sense of the quality, I ordered a medium-sized premium roast coffee, black, and immediately noticed how smooth it was. It had a rich, full-bodied flavor that was both complex and delicious. I will admit, it possessed a slightly burnt edge at first, but this truly didn't bother me after a few drops. I sincerely did not expect to be so impressed with coffee from a fast food chain -- surely, there are more elegant javas to choose from.

Another thing that stood out to me about the McCafé coffee was its aroma. I detected notes of vanilla and chocolate, which augmented the overall experience. I don't always encounter such strong scents from other coffee brands, so this was a pleasant surprise. It really made me feel like I was enjoying a well-crafted cup of java in a high-end cafe, rather than grabbing a paper cup o' joe from a McDonald's drive-thru.

I don't always take coffee black, but the great thing about McCafé's version is that it's fairly versatile. While there aren't as many customizable ingredients as, say, Starbucks, you can personalize it by adding cream, sugar, or flavored syrups like French vanilla and caramel. However, I found that the coffee is lovely by its plain, pure self.

McCafé Is An Excellent Bang For Your Buck

sign promoting McDonald's McCafé
sign promoting McDonald's McCafé - Stevanovicigor/Getty Images

McDonald's is known for its affordability, and McCafé is no exception. The price of coffee is very reasonable, especially compared to other major java establishments. (Sorry, Starbucks.) You can grab a delicious cup of joe -- and perhaps a sandwich or pastry -- without breaking the bank, which is a big plus for everyone, no matter your income.

Whether you're in a rush to get to work or school or just need a boost, you can buy a steaming hot cup of McCafé coffee in no time; the quality, in my experience, was not affected whatsoever by this speedy service. Instead of waiting forever on a beverage, I was sipping the stuff in no more than two minutes. In addition to classic coffee, McDonald's also offers a range of other McCafé products, including macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, and frappés. You can order most of these drinks hot or iced and add extra espresso shots or flavored syrups to your liking. Since trying my first-ever hot, black McCafé coffee, I've grown quite fond of the iced French vanilla latte.

Whether you're a caffeine connoisseur or simply looking for an affordable, quick pick-me-up, the taste, aroma, convenience, and low price all make McCafé coffee stand out from other brands, whether they be fast food restaurants or high-end coffee shops. I wouldn't consider myself a loyalist to any particular brand, but McDonald's will certainly be an entry on my shortlist from here on out.

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