X Games Ventura Moto X 2024: Patrick Evans, Jackson Strong, and Corey Creed Take Gold

Since its inception in 1995 as The Extreme Games in Providence, Rhode Island, the X Games has evolved into the premier action sports competition and lifestyle brand. It showcases the world's best action sports athletes at both summer and winter events, each set against the unique backdrop of its host city.

This year's summer 2024 X Games, presented by Sonic Drive-In, took place at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, CA, bringing together top athletes to compete for coveted gold medals. This year also saw several firsts, with a new gold medalist crowned, electric bikes making their debut in the competition, and high-flying action. Here is what happened in the Moto X competitions during this year’s event.

Moto X Best Whip

The Samsung Galaxy, X Games Ventura, Moto X Best Whip event involves riders competing to perform the most stylish whips and who can push it farther upside down and sideways over a ramp to a dirt jump. Over the past years, we have seen ten different gold medal winners at this event, and this year, we witnessed another new gold medal winner, making it eleven different winners now.

Gold Medal - Patrick Evans, a Stark Varg/Fasthouse/Heat Wave Visual-backed rider, was the first rider we saw on the Stark Varg electric bike this weekend in his first year at the X Games. He took gold in his first appearance and Stark Varg's bike! When he took flight for the first time, we all knew who would win. His whips and it didn’t matter which way he threw the bike around, were flawless and jaw-dropping. You should 1000% follow this rider on social media and be keen to watch him throw some impeccable whips because this isn’t the last time we will see Evans at future X Games and other events.

Patrick Evans is the Moto X Best Whip gold medalist in his and Stark Varg's first appearance!<p>Photo Courtesy Chris Tedesco/X Games</p>
Patrick Evans is the Moto X Best Whip gold medalist in his and Stark Varg's first appearance!

Photo Courtesy Chris Tedesco/X Games

Silver Medal - Julien Vanstippen, Monster Energy FMX Athlete, has parlayed his racing skills to emerge as the Best Whip ace. X Games 2022 gold medalist was high on the list to be competitive in this year's competition. Fun Fact: Vanstippen’s gold medal was the first by a Belgian athlete in X Games history. He made great runs, with great upside-down whips, and was the second-best “whipper” on the night to take home the silver medal.

Bronze Medal - Tyler Bereman, Thrill Seekers/Fasthouse, a 13-time X Games medalist who has excelled in QuarterPipe High Air, owning two silver and four bronze medals in his six starts. However, his two gold medals (one silver and three bronze) came from Best Whip. He's working on a solo action piece, "Lyon Effect," dedicated to his late friend Lyon Herron. Bereman rode with Herron’s ashes under his seat at X Games Ventura. He grabbed a bronze medal in this event, throwing some awesome whips and getting the crowd excited throughout the event.

Moto X Best Trick

The Samsung Galaxy, X Games Ventura, Moto X Best Trick event is precisely what it says. Who has the best trick from ramp to dirt? It has been an iconic event at the X Games over the years.

Gold Medal - Jackson Strong, Monster Energy rider, is a seven-time X Games Best Trick gold medalist, is excellent in discipline, and is the best in history at this event. This year, he landed a jackhammer frontflip on his second run for the gold medal. If you don’t know what a “jackhammer frontflip” is, it is a cliffhanger frontflip! Unreal. This gold medal marks his 8th in X Games Moto X Best Trick.

Jackson Strong, Rob Adelberg, and Harry Bink are your top 3 medalists, X Games Ventura Moto X Best Trick.<p>Photo Courtesy Chris Tedesco/X Games</p>
Jackson Strong, Rob Adelberg, and Harry Bink are your top 3 medalists, X Games Ventura Moto X Best Trick.

Photo Courtesy Chris Tedesco/X Games

Silver Medal - Rob Adelberg, Rockstar Energy/Freestyle Kings/Alpinestars, is a 16-time X Games medalist, and Adleberg is the most successful Australian athlete in X Games history. The seven-time medalist sustained a neck injury at X Games California 2023 during practice. He was back one year later for redemption. At this event, he landed a lazyboy frontflip to grab the silver medal, which marks his 17th medal.

Bronze Medal - Harry Bink, Monster Energy/IgnitionAU, is a member of the Nitro Circus and Showtime FMX in Australia. Bink owns two X Games medals in Best Trick. He landed a double backflip this year to grant him a bronze medal in 2024.

Moto X QuarterPipe

The Samsung Galaxy, X Games Ventura, Moto X QuarterPipe was the last Moto X event on the weekend and is an event where riders see how far they can fly in the sky from a substantial mega ramp ( 18-ft high take-off ramp) to a quarter-pipe dirt landing. Who sent it the highest this year?

Gold Medal – Corey Creed, Rockstar Energy/The Drivers, is a three-time X Games Moto X QuarterPipe medalist and is a stunt performance driver for movies and TV and recently performed in The Fall Guy, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, and Godzilla vs. Kong. Creed came out firing this year and was determined to set the highest leap. Corey won by jumping 53 feet, 7 inches. Nearly seven stories high! That’s ridiculous! It’s Creed’s third X Games gold medal in the event.

Corey Creed jumps 57 feet 7 inches to win gold in X Games Ventura Moto X QuarterPipe.<p>Photo Courtesy Chris Tedesco/X Games</p>
Corey Creed jumps 57 feet 7 inches to win gold in X Games Ventura Moto X QuarterPipe.

Photo Courtesy Chris Tedesco/X Games

Silver Medal - Colby Raha, Rockstar Energy/Stark Varg/Raha Ramps, is a four-time X Games Moto X QuarterPipe gold medalist. Colby boasts 11 X Games medals: 6 gold, one silver, and four bronze. One of the crowd favorites and free-riders on the circuit. He is the second rider on that Stark Varg electric bike in this year's events and takes silver in QuarterPipe, jumping 51 feet 7 inches.

Bronze Medal - Guillem Navas, GASGAS/Fox/WP Suspension, is a former professional motocross and supercross rider in Spain. He made an impressive rookie appearance at the X Games 2022, earning a bronze medal in QuarterPipe. Navas took home bronze in his second appearance in the X Games and QuarterPipe event by jumping 51 feet in the sky.