Anti-ageing neck tape promises to make you look younger and thinner

[Photo: Nexsey]
[Photo: Nexsey]

Good news for women looking to fix their ‘flaws’, there’s a new product you can fritter your money away on: Nexsey. What is it? Surgical grade tape that promises to temporarily tighten saggy neck skin. Keep it in the bathroom cabinet next to the hair dye, anti wrinkle cream and self loathing.

[Photo: Nexsey]
[Photo: Nexsey]

Nexsey works by gathering and securing excess skin at the back of the neck and, according to creator Linda Gomez, takes “years off your appearance.”

The product isn’t limited to life’s seasoned queens, it’s also targeted at younger beauties as a double chin eliminator, as demonstrated here by makeup artist Glamzilla.

Looks more like medieval torture to me.

If you’re looking to add Nexsey to your anti ageing arsenal you’ll have to join the waiting list, it’s recent viral popularity has lead to a back log of orders.

Of course, for some this stuff will surely be a godsend; a non surgical solution to the ‘agonies’ of ageing. To the rest of us, it serves as a keen reminder that in the western world, women simply aren’t permitted to age gracefully or peacefully. Picture Mick Jagger, George Clooney or James Cordon with tape on their necks, they’d be a laughing stock. Yet for women it’s nothing extraordinary. Something’s seriously amiss here.

Ladies, know this, you have more to offer the world than just your beauty.

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