Women are putting on their old wedding dresses at home to cheer themselves up in coronavirus lockdown

Women have been trying on their old wedding dresses while in lockdown (Getty Images)
Women have been trying on their old wedding dresses while in lockdown (Getty Images)

People have been spending a lot more time at home of late, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown.

For some women, that has meant a surprise opportunity to unearth their old wedding dresses - and try them on - in an effort to cheer themselves up while social distancing.

The trend started with a mum, author Curtis Sittenfeld, on Twitter who revealed she had dug out her bridal gown at the request of her children.

Captioning a photo of her wearing the special outfit - complete with veil - while sipping an espresso, she wrote: “Social distancing Day 12: Today my kids wanted me to wear my wedding dress at lunch and I couldn’t think of a reason not to.”

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Her post has received more than 241,000 ‘likes’ and 18,000 shares.

Journalist Bryony Gordon wrote: “OMG I love you.”

Another follower commented: “Maybe we should do a wear your wedding dress to work Wednesdays!”

A third shared: “You look beautiful.”

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It prompted dozens of other women to slip back on their former wedding dresses too - and share the pictures online.

One revealed she had found her mum’s one in her basement, and shared a pictured of her modelling the lacy gown with a veil.

Another showed off a white number she had made for her big day back in 2006.

A third tried on the outfit she wore to marry her husband 42 years ago - and revealed her surprise that the ensemble still fitted.

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And a fourth person replied to the thread with a snap of her sister wearing their grandmother’s silky dress from 1949.

It comes as a bride and groom donated their hog roast to over 400 NHS staff after their wedding reception was cancelled.

Fiona and Adam Gordon, from Hull, tied the knot last weekend - but their celebrations had to be called off due to the pandemic.

The couple decided to allow the catering company they were using for their big day, Galloping Gourmet, to donate the food, via charity Hull4Heroes, to workers at two hospitals over two days.

They had originally planned to have a big celebration after their church service - which they decided to still have with just two witnesses present - but their venue pulled out at the last-minute.

Fiona, 31, who had been planning her big day with partner HGV driver Adam, 30, for over a year said the food would have gone to “waste”.

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