Women with 'masculine' jobs will struggle to conceive, fertility guru claims

Fertility guru
Fiona Kacz-Boulton claims that a ‘masculine’ career path could explain a woman’s infertility [Photo: YouTube]

A fertility guru has warned that women who chase stereotypically ‘masculine’ career paths are less likely to conceive.

Fiona Kacz-Boulton, who spoke at the Fertility Show in London, told the audience: “You are acting masculine and expecting your body to perform in a feminine way.”

The fertility ‘expert’ continued, “Women are now out working just as much as men are in this very masculine state, but then we are expecting to be in the feminine state, which is about opening and surrendering.”

Her controversial claims are not only dangerous but rooted in pure theory, as there is seemingly no scientific proof to back up her beliefs.

The only ‘evidence’ the ‘natural fertility expert’ could give when discussing how to improve IVF success rates was an anecdote of a breadwinning teacher.

Kacz-Boulton explained: “She was the one that had the steady income and she was the one actually wearing the pants in their relationship – and that affects female fertility. It is because you are acting masculine and expecting your body to perform in a feminine way.”

Fertility guru
The fertility guru’s claims have been deemed controversial [Photo: Getty]

And if these claims are not detrimental enough, the guru goes on to use the example of stress to suggest that blood flow to the fallopian tubes correlates with immense pressure at work.

Unsurprisingly, Kacz-Boulton runs a Harley Street clinic known as ‘Awakening Fertility’. The service claims to have an 80 percent success rate in helping couples get pregnant through yoga, energy healing and mental empowerment. And a 90-day online course will set couples back a cool £1,999.

In defence of her controversial claims, the fertility ‘expert’ claims that she is not sexist but ‘the fact is that society is not helping these women, encouraging them to have a career and postpone having kids for as long as possible.’

We’re not quite sure what defines a ‘masculine’ job but we’re certain that there’s a lot of women out there who can prove that motherhood and a successful career can work hand-in-hand.

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