Teacher's bottom wiping viral video divides the internet

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One teacher used balloons to show children how to correctly wipe their bottoms. [Photo: Getty]
One teacher used balloons to show children how to correctly wipe their bottoms. [Photo: Getty]

Whether it’s how to write their names or how to count, there are a number of things parents expect children to be taught when they first go to school. How to wipe their bottoms probably isn’t top of the list.

But, this one teacher decided that this rather essential lifeskill needed some attention.

In the video, which went viral on Twitter, the teacher uses two balloons tied together to look like bum cheeks.

She then shows the children how to effectively wipe their bottoms using the balloons as props.

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The video attracted over 200,000 comments, likes and shares, with people divided over whether this was a job for a teacher or the parents.

“Seriously? This should be taught at home.” One surprised tweeter wrote.

Another agreed, stating that it’s not the job of the teacher: “We need to hold parents accountable because we can’t teach kids everything.”

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Some people pointed out that although children should be taught by their parents at home, they might need a refresher course as they enter into the education system and away from their parents.

“Little kids barely ever wipe correctly.” She wrote, “add on that they probably listen to their teacher more than they listen to their parent(s), this is a great idea.”

It wasn’t just the children who learnt a thing or two from the video. A number of people were somewhat surprised that the teacher managed to wipe three times with one small piece of tissue.

One tweet, which was liked 3,000 times, read: “Triple fold has to be a gamble.”

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It has certainly encouraged a lot of different opinions, but mostly, it was agreed that the video was a good idea, even if it just offers some tips to parents on how to educate their children better.

On some occasions, parents might not know the best way to teach children this sort of skill. Either way, it’s hard to argue that any tutorial teaching children essential life skills is a bad idea.

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