Woman sparks horror after sharing what a $4,000-a-month apartment in New York City looks like


A woman has sparked outrage and horror after revealing the small size of an apartment she toured in New York City, which was charging $4,000 a month in rent.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, Charlotte, @charlottesaround, could be seen entering an apartment. When she opened the door, however, it hit the stove as she walked in, with the TikToker then documenting the cramped layout of the home.

“Reality of NYC apartment hunting and the absurd prices,” the text over the video reads. “Imagine paying $4,000 per month to get whacked with the door anytime you use the stove and someone comes home.”

In the clip, the dishwasher, sink, stove, and refrigerator could all be seen placed closely together, with Charlotte wondering whether the tiny space could be an issue in the caption, where she wrote: “How is this NOT a fire hazard???”

She also clarified in the comments that the apartment wasn’t hers and was just a place that she had looked at during her apartment search.

As of 26 May, the video has more than 2m views, with TikTok users in the comments agreeing that the apartment layout seemed like a safety violation, while others questioned how someone could live in the small space.

“Lol I work for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and am almost certain there are some housing code violations in that apartment,” one person wrote.

“How are you supposed to move furniture in? I guess we’re just packing a fork,” another viewer said.

A third person added: “And that stove was wobbling too??”

Others were skeptical of the apartment cost, with some claiming that the location of the apartment was the issue.

“Funny thing is people think we all live like that in NYC,” one person wrote. “I have plenty of room. Maybe don’t live in midtown in Manhattan. It’s not worth it.”

According to RentCafe, a site that helps residents keep track of monthly apartment payments, the “average rent for an apartment in Manhattan is $4,265”. The costs vary based on many different factors, such as “location, size, and quality”.

The Independent has contacted Charlotte for comment.