Woman praised for refusing to crochet a wedding dress for friend

A woman is being praised for standing her ground and refusing to crochet a wedding dress for her friend.

Hoping to confirm she made the right decision, the woman posted in Reddit’s popular forum Am I The A**hole forum about her situation. She started by explaining that she has previously gifted cute crochet items to her friends for their big days.

“So to make a long story short, I started kinda a weird tradition in my friend group,” the Reddit user wrote. “I’m not able to go to weddings much because I have kids, so instead I’ve been hand making crochet stuff for my friends to wear mostly small things like scrunchies, and gloves.”

Most of her friends have loved her handmade gifts, she said, appreciating the effort and care that goes into making them. Each project can take her anywhere from a few hours to days, depending on the size.

Unfortunately, one of the Redditor’s friends didn’t consider the time it would take her to finish a crochet project.

She said: “Well we found out my friend Jay is getting married in April, and we are all super happy for her but it does seem like short notice.

“Jay asked me if I could crochet her a wedding dress that looked like her grandmother’s since the original dress was lost in a fire this summer,” the woman continued.

“She wants everything to be exactly like her grandma’s dress was down to the yarn color.”

The Reddit user’s was initially “taken aback” by the request. To crochet an entire wedding dress would take her months, and finding the right colour yarn would be difficult, she said. When she asked to see a picture of the original dress, the crochet enthusiast knew she wouldn’t be able to get it done in time for the wedding.

“There’s no way even a skilled crochet expert could get that done in less than 2 months,” she wrote. “I politely explained to her that I couldn’t possibly make the whole dress for her on such short notice, but I could make she a cute shawl, with the same stitch to pay homage to her grandma’s dress.”

To the Reddit poster’s disappointment, her friend called her a “b***h” for refusing to make the gown. Her friend allegedly accused her of“playing favourites” because she had made what their other girlfriends wanted for their weddings.

“Our friends are kinda split, all of them who do homemade crafts agree with me that Jay expirations are unrealistic,” the Redditor added. “My other friends seem torn cause on one hand this dress meant a lot more to her than just a regular project, and that I should have handled it more gently than I did.”

Fellow crochet experts weighed in, noting how they would have been overwhelmed by the request too.

“As a former hobbyist crocheter my wrists ached at the thought of doing that much work,” one reader confessed. “Even if you had all the materials sourced and ready to go, that’s a full-time job just stitching the thing in two months!”

Another proclaimed: “Basically lacework via crochet. That’s what’s being expected - and that can easily take over a year to make.”

“No kidding! Materials, labor, design, pattern, fittings& alterations… I’d make a rough estimate of the cost and show her. It’ll be astronomical and blow her mind,” a fourth suggested. “Of course, she’ll think you’re exaggerating the expense no matter what you say.”

A passionate Reddit user exclaimed: “WHAT??? this wasn’t made on the train as she (the crocheter) listened to an audiobook! This is insane.”