Woman outs 'craziest' bride ever

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The internet is a virtual treasure trove of crazy, almost unbelievable, bridezilla, bridesmaids, and wedding guest horror stories.

But this ‘wild’ tale of a bride and her friend is possibly the worst bridezilla story we’ve ever heard, and it sent social media into a spin.

A woman took to Facebook to share a tale of how her friend was asked to be a bridesmaid for possibly the ‘craziest’ bride ever.

The unnamed woman starts off by explaining that Marie – the bride – and her friend Jess – the soon to be bridesmaid, but not yet – had been friends for a long time.

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Even when Marie moved to Japan and Jess remained in the US they continued to stay in touch. However the woman stresses that, in her eyes, Marie was bossy and not really the best kind of friend to Jess.

But the real drama starts when Marie announces she is engaged to be married and, so that it is ‘easier for everyone’, organises to hold a destination wedding at an exotic all-inclusive resort that is ‘very expensive’.

“All of a sudden [Jess] is Marie’s best friend and it would be ‘inconceivable’ that she not come,” the woman writes.

“Jess felt compelled… reasons that it’s all inclusive and she’ll use up as many travel points as she can. The wedding is 18 months away, so it’s doable.”

The bride also emails the writer of the post, who wasn’t even friends with her, asking her to come, which she ‘politely declines’. Then six months out Jess is asked via a ‘frantic call’ to be a bridesmaid.

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“She feels pressured. Says Yes. And now has to get a dress,” the post continues, saying Jess is up for more costs as the dress she is sent, from another bridesmaid, and needs a lot of tailoring.

Photos: Facebook
Photos: Facebook

As the wedding approaches Marie now ‘insists’ Jess fly out a week early, even though she has managed to buy cheaper tickets for two days before. The resulting ‘row’ sees Marie go full bridezilla, screaming at Jess via Skype, and other bridesmaids starting getting ‘fed up’, the woman explains.

But everything came to a head when one day before Jess was to leave for the wedding, Marie calls her to say the wedding was off. And it was something she had been contemplating for one year.

Because everything was so expensive Jess, and most of the wedding guests, including the bride, groom, and bridal parties on both sides, decide they would still go on a vacation.

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As you can expect it turned into what the woman describes as a “weird version of 2016 west side story where warring groups circled around each other and the two central characters wanted to kill each other”.

And to top everything off, because there was no longer a wedding the resort informed everyone they were no longer eligible for the ‘all-inclusive’ wedding package.

“Jess pretty much ate ramen the whole time,” the woman wrote.

“Jess comes home and one month later gets a phone call: Marie has met someone. A woman.

“One year later and they’re engaged. The poor woman looks miserable. Guess where they want to have the wedding? Guess who’s invited?”

Is Marie the worst bride ever? Not pictured. Photo: HBO
Is Marie the worst bride ever? Not pictured. Photo: HBO

The ‘epic tale’ has quickly gone viral with people commending Jess for putting up with Marie for as long as she did.

“This is the quality b***h fest I am here for,” one person commented.

“F***. Me. Running,” another admitted.

“Wow I admire Jess’ self-control for not drowning Marie in the resort toilet,” was another response.

Given what happened this time, let’s all hope Jess steers clear of Marie’s second attempt at a wedding.

“This is one of the best posts I have ever read. ANYWHERE,” one person said.

“Oh my God that was a wild ride,” another wrote.

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