Woman who lost eye to rare childhood cancer hopes to inspire others

Kelsey Ellison had her eye removed just before her third birthday and has learnt to embrace her disability in the face of cruel comments about her prosthetic eye.


Video transcript

KELSEY ELLISON: Do you know what one of the weirdest things is about having one eye is that people will come up to me and say, well, you're not really disabled, are you? What? What do you mean, Susan? What do you mean I'm not disabled? I have a whole organ missing from my face that I am unable to see out of.

What do you mean I'm not disabled? I think it either means, number one, you don't think I'm disabled enough, which is whatever. Number two, or number two, which is even worse, I think, is that you think being disabled is a bad thing and that you feel like it's offensive to call me disabled.

So just a reminder, being disabled is not a bad thing. It's OK that I call myself disabled. It's not like, ooh. It's not a bad word. So yeah.