Woman left 'shocked' after her friend dropped her baby

One mum took to Mumsnet to voice her concerns after her friend dropped her baby. [Photo: Getty]
One mum took to Mumsnet to voice her concerns after her friend dropped her baby. [Photo: Getty]

It’s your biggest fear as new mum – and as the friend holding the baby. For this one mum, her fear became a reality.

The woman took to Mumsnet to air her concerns after her friend dropped her four-month-old baby.

She said: “When I walked back into the room, she lost her grip on my baby and baby fell from her arm onto the sofa.”

Fortunately, the baby was unharmed. But, it was the friend’s reaction that has sparked debate amongst Mumsnet users.

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The new mum said that the woman “laughed it off and said sorry.”

The woman is now feeling “guilty” for not saying more in defence of her new baby girl. She said: “I didn’t say anything at the time, as I was a bit shocked.”

Now, she’s left wondering whether to say something more or just accept that accidents happen.

One mum weighed in on the issue, suggesting that the woman should “not let her hold the baby again.”

She continued: “Wow she really shouldn’t have laughed it off. If I had dropped someone’s baby I would be mortified and apologising profusely.”

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A number of people jumped to the woman’s defence. One woman simply wrote “mountain molehill” while others suggested that her “laugh” was probably a nervous one and not because she found the whole thing hilarious.

Another added to the debate saying: “There’s nothing you can do now is there? It’s not like she chucked her across the room on purpose. Just add it to the list of babies close shaves.”

The debate did bring up the question of what parents should do if their baby is dropped.

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The NHS has clear guidelines on what to do if your child has an accident and reassures us that “most young children have some injuries and accidents.”

It recommends that parents learn some basic first aid and there are a number of NHS providers which run first aid courses.

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