A blog dedicated entirely to penis-shaped food exists, FYI

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
One woman has demonstrates how to make penis-shaped food look highly Instagrammable [Photo: Peen Cuisine]

A 20something woman has taken it upon herself to launch an entire blog dedicated to the art of ‘peen cuisine’.

Sensing a gap in the market, Lauren Hom founded the site in an effort to encourage people to enjoy penis-shaped foods.

Thanks to her, readers of the blog can learn how to create everything from ‘cockprese salad’ to ‘fried tofu with peen-nut sauce’.

And as the 28-year-old is a vegetarian she charmingly refers to her blog as a ‘meat-free meat blog’.

Would you try cock pops? [Photo: Peen Cuisine]
Have you ever seen a penis-shaped food look so Instagrammable? [Photo: Peen Cuisine]

Hom first came up with the concept behind the phallic recipes after she had been out with friends and told Cosmopolitan:

“I wondered if cave men used to see dick-shaped rocks and chuckle to themselves, or if this was something relatively new. All of a sudden, a lightbulb went off in my brain: dick-shaped foods would be funny.”

And we have to admit, the dishes look surprisingly Instagrammable.

Cockamole and chips also feature on the blog [Photo: Peen Cuisine]

So next time you’re planning a girls get together, why not whip up some good old peen cuisine?

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