Woman reveals 'creepy' mother-in-law would walk in on her having sex with husband and tell them to 'keep going'

Woman reveals how mother-in-law kept walking on her having sex with her husband [Image: Getty]
Woman reveals how mother-in-law kept walking on her having sex with her husband [Image: Getty]

A woman has revealed how her mother-in-law would frequently walk in on her having sex with her husband.

Sharing the story to Reddit, she revealed that her other half’s mum regularly interrupted them in a moment of passion, - while they were temporarily living at his parent’s house - and tell them to “keep going”.

The daughter-in-law explained, in a post titled ‘My mother-in-law used to try and watch my husband and I have sex’, that she would enter their room unannounced during the first two years of their marriage.

They wed when they were 16 years old, and lived at the husband's family home until they were 18 years old in order to save for their own house.

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"For the first two years of my marriage, we had to live with my mother-in-law and her husband,” the woman, who is now a mum herself, wrote.

"No matter the time of day, whenever my mother-in-law was home and we 'got busy', she would into his bedroom and try to have a conversation with one of us while telling us to keep going."

Even more bizarrely, the daughter-in-law noted, they tried keeping when they were having sex as secret as possible.

"She creeped me out each time," she continued.

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"Because no matter how quiet we were or how spontaneous the fun time was, she always seemed to know."

The woman added: “I'm still convinced she had a hidden camera in his room but we never found it."

Fellow Reddit users sympathised with her horrible experience.

One person wrote: “What in the actual heck did I read?? So sorry! That's plain gross and cringeworthy."

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Another commented: "What. The. F**k. So sorry you had to deal with that. That is so bizarre."

Sharing her own tale, a third added: "Oh god mine does this too. She's normally quite loud and heavy footed with a chronic cough so we hear her walking around - but when we're 'getting busy' she turns into a literal ninja and will just barge in with no warning.

"Then as we scrambled to try and cover ourselves she just laughs and says 'don't worry, I've seen it all before!'"

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