Woman forced out of swimming pool over her 'inappropriate' bikini

Ms Harvie-Salter said she had worn the same swimmers (pictured) to the pool several times previously. Source: Glassons

A woman has been left outraged after being told to “cover up” during a routine visit to a swimming pool in New Zealand.

Yvette Harvie-Salter, 26, blasted Saturday’s duty manager at Albany Stadium Pool in Auckland after she pulled her aside to tell her that mothers at the pool had complained about her “inappropriate” bikini.

She had worn the same bikini to the pool several times previously without issue.

“A woman who is supposedly the duty manager today pulled me out of the spa whilst I was happily going about my day and told me that she needed to have a conversation with me in private,” Ms Harvie-Salter wrote to Facebook.

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“Apparently, the bikini I was wearing and have been wearing at the same pool for the past few months is not appropriate.”

Yvette Harvie-Salter said the manager approached her while she was in the spa, requesting they speak privately. Source: Facebook/Yvette Harvie-Salter

Ms Harvie-Salter explained that the duty manager told her she would have to change into something “more conservative” or face being kicked out of the complex.

“She asked me if I have any other bikinis at home and I do but they’re all the same! I bought this bikini from Glassons literally just across the road from the pool, and it’s 2019,” she said.

The disgruntled swimmer was particularly unimpressed because she was regularly “offended” by the antics of mothers and children at the pool, yet never complained or requested that anyone change their behaviour.

“When I tried to address management to get my money back, they all literally laughed about it, I find that offensive. I have been going to this pool up to three times a week for the past couple of years and they’ve just lost a valued customer.”

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Ms Harvie-Salter said she felt “body shamed” by the duty manager, and was further outraged that men in their “tiny Speedos” had never been asked to cover up, according to Stuff.

Head of active recreation at Auckland Council Rob McGee affirmed the handling of the situation was wrong, and insisted Ms Harvie-Salter was welcome back at the pool any time.

“On behalf of the lifeguard who spoke to the customer and the team at Albany, I would like to offer a sincere apology to the customer,” Mr Mcgee told Stuff.

“We are sorry she was made to feel uncomfortable, and the lifeguard who passed on the feedback from other pool users now realises this wasn’t the right thing to do.”

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