Woman finds out boyfriend was cheating on her through Darry Ring

Woman finds out boyfriend was cheating on her through Darry Ring (TikTok/@tallulah.roseb)
Woman finds out boyfriend was cheating on her through Darry Ring (TikTok/@tallulah.roseb)

One jewelry company has accidentally exposed cheating partners.

Darry Ring is a company that requires customers to provide some form of identification before purchasing a ring under the assumption that they will only purchase one in their lifetime and it will be for their true love. “Your solemn vow to your life partner is symbolized by the choice of a Darry Ring that you can only buy once,” their website reads. “At Darry Ring, we believe in true love. We offer continued support because we too, are in it for a lifetime.”

The company takes the concept of true love so far that they also have a video on their website that details who they will not sell rings to, including minors or people shopping for themselves.

However, one woman has taken to TikTok to share how this system has backfired.

Tallulah Rose took to the platform to share the story of how her friend learned she was being cheated on. “Men cannot be trusted,” her video begins.

“The whole premise of the ring is that it’s for the love of your life. You can only buy it once,” Rose explains about Darry Ring. “So say, for example, you’re engaged to a guy and he buys you a ring from this company, then you guys don’t get married or whatever. The next girl, if she wants a ring from that company and he tries to buy one, they’ll be like, ‘You can’t buy one, naughty.’”

She then explains that her friend had been dating her current boyfriend for two years and was planning on getting engaged. The two were going ring shopping together at Darry Ring until he went to purchase the ring, and they declined his payment because he had already bought a ring from the company one month ago.

Rose mentioned that she wouldn’t be surprised if he “didn’t get the concept of the company”.

“​​So he goes to buy one with her next to him. The purchase was declined because turns out, weirdly, he had already bought one even though my friend had never received a ring,” she said. “Turns out he bought one very recently – like a month before. Turns out he had been seeing the girl he tells you not to worry about for like the past six months and he’d already bought her one and given her one.”

Since then, the two of them have broken up, as she noted that her friend had always been “suspicious” about her boyfriend but had never found out any information regarding infidelity until the ring incident. “Shout out to Darry Ring because you guys are actually doing God’s work,” her TikTok ended.

Since it was posted, Rose’s video has received almost two million views with many people leaving comments about how they’ve seen something similar happen with the brand before. “I’ve literally only heard of Darry Ring twice now and both times it’s the exact same situation,” one comment read.

Other commenters expressed their struggle to understand why Rose’s friend would even agree to an engagement when she was previously suspicious of him.

“She was suspicious, and she still asked him for that ring?” one commenter questioned.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “She felt weird about him yet she wanted to be engaged to him.”