Woman who ‘dated’ the Statue of Liberty is now settling down with a chandelier

Caroline Allen
Woman broke it off with the Statue of Liberty because the distance between them got too much. [Photo: Getty]

woman who ‘had a long-distance relationship with the Statue of Liberty’ is now engaged to a chandelier.

Amanda Liberty, 35, from London, describes herself an an “objectophile”.

An objectophile is somebody who has strong feeling of love, commitment or lust to items or structures.

The woman has been dating the 100-year old light fixture since 2017 said on Facebook that her love for the chandelier “just happened”.

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She realised she was an objectophile aged 14 when she had a relationship with a drum kit.

By her late 20s she was in an on-off relationship with the Statue of Liberty, which is when she changed her surname to Liberty.

The relationship came to an end in 2016 after she felt pressured to always visit the Statue of Liberty, who she called Libby. Such is the predicament of a long-distance relationship.

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Her relationship with Lumière, the 28-inch chandelier, started shortly afterwards.

Amanda admits that she isn’t able to take the light to bed because of its size, but that doesn’t stop her from having sexually charged dreams about it.

“I don’t even completely understand it myself, but I still accept it as part of who I am,' she wrote on Facebook. 'My chandeliers make me so happy and full of joy and completely fulfilled.”

Amanda admitted that she had a dream recently which involved the Queen introducing her to a chandelier.

“They let me operate the chandelier lift in the music room (something I would really love to do!) to bring one of the chandeliers down for closer inspection.”

“I walked around her. And I told the Queen how beautiful her chandelier was...Then, before I could do more, I woke up. Dang it.”

She hopes to marry Lumière in the future and is very open about her relationship with her chandelier, which is a girl, on social media.

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