This woman creates African-inspired sculptures using nothing but her hair

Laetitia Ky has had her fair share of viral treatment. In the summer, her hair hands sculpture took over the Internet.


Because it was made from nothing but her hair.

The Ivory Coast artist uses her natural hair to create stunning works of art, inspired by her native Africa.

Using inspirations ranging from the political to just plain beautiful, Laetitia’s sculptures take the form of anything from glasses to a woman of colour dancing across her head.

“I came across an Instagram album of hairstyles women used to wear in some African tribes prior to colonisation,” she told Okay Africa. “These hairstyles were really impressive and made me want to use hairstyling as a means of expression.”

Saying that she really wants to “express [her] love for Africa,” the artist and aspiring fashion designer uses a wide variety of materials to illustrate her innermost thoughts.

“I live in a beautiful country by extraordinary and creative people. Unfortunately, these individuals stay in the shadow and do not express themselves for fear of being judged.”

“I want to show that celebrating one’s uniqueness shouldn’t be viewed negatively and one should always strive to express oneself.”

We have no idea how she does it but take a look at some of Laetitia’s gravity-defying creations.

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