Woman, 100, celebrates her 25th leap year birthday

She is enjoying the day with family. (PA)
She is enjoying the day with family. (PA)

A great-great grandmother is enjoying her 25th leap year birthday as she turns 100-years-old.

Doris Cleife, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, will spend the day surrounded by generations of family and friends at her housing complex.

She joked she has waited “all her life” to be famous and now it has happened because of her leap year birthday.

Mrs Cleife, a retired hairdresser, has lived with her daughter and son-in-law for the past 40 years until her daughter passed away last year.

She didn't think she would make it to 100. (PA)
She didn't think she would make it to 100. (PA)

They made the choice to live together after her husband, Sam died in 1979.

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“I never dreamed I would get this far, I lost my mother when she was quite young and my granny die when she was 47 but here we are, and I have a sister who is 98. I don't feel any different.” Mrs Cleife said about her milestone birthday.

When we see people who have lived to be 100, it’s natural to want to find out what their secrets are and Mrs Cleife has a couple.

She credits her long life to eating well and a love of walking.

She admits she misses Sunday strolls along Portsmouth's seafront, but she’ll still be able to enjoy one of her favourite foods on her birthday; biscuits and pate.

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Mrs Cleife gets to enjoy her big birthday surrounded by plenty of family and friends, including two grandchildren, three great grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

Reaching such a big milestone must give you plenty of time to reflect on your life, something that Mrs Cleife says has left her feeling “quite philosophical”.

“We are so proud of Nan and she is thrilled to be celebrating such a significant milestones with her friends and family.” Her granddaughter, Rachel Bowen said.

“Last year was very hard but we want to celebrate this amazing day and an amazing woman.

“She has been pulling our legs for months now saying she can't wait until her 25th birthday.”

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