Woman gives birth by candlelight in hospital laundry room after power cut

A woman has given birth by candle light in the laundry room of a birthing centre [Photo: Getty]

A woman gave birth by candlelight in the laundry room of a hospital, after a tornado caused a power cut.

The laundry room was considered to be the safest place for the mum to deliver her baby girl, as 140 mph winds struck Dallas, Texas on Sunday night.

Following the amazing birth, the Bump Birthing Center shared images of the unidentified woman while she was in the final stages of labour alongside a comment explaining how the baby girl had made her entrance into the world.

“Baby girl born in our laundry room with the tornado sirens going off, a tornado on the ground half a mile away, and no electricity.....by candle light!!,” [sic] the post read.

“Welcome to the world beauty!”

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The mum-to-be had arrived at the birthing facility earlier in the evening after starting to have contractions.

Kasie McElhaney, the center's owner and chief midwife, told the New York Daily News: “She had just started pushing when the power went out and the sirens went off, and we had to shuffle to the laundry room.

“It's the only room in the center that has no windows, and it's centrally located. So that's where we went. One wall is brick - it's probably not even big enough for a twin-sized bed. But we made it work.”

Since sharing, the post has been flooded with comments congratulating the mum on the dramatic birth.

“Wow! I’m sure staying calm and focusing on baby & mama was a little challenging at that moment with so much added chaos! So glad everyone is ok! Great job mama! Congratulations!” one user wrote.

“Absolutely incredible! She is going to ‘take the world by storm’.”

Many also suggested weather-related names for the baby including Stormy and Autumn Rain.

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There have been some other stories of amazing births recently.

Earlier this month a mum dubbed her child a “mini Sumo wrestler” after she was born weighing an eye-watering 12.9lbs (5.88kg), almost double the size of the average newborn.

Remi Frances Millar shocked her family when she tipped the scales at almost 13lbs, and her birth weight was even more surprising considering she wasn’t even born at full term.

Earlier this year two sisters told of their surprise about giving birth to babies on the same day, in the same hospital and with the same midwife.

Meanwhile, back in May a woman who didn't know she was pregnant got the shock of her life when she delivered her baby alone on her bathroom floor.

Stacey Porter, 20, had gone to bed with a stomach ache, and it wasn’t until she felt her baby’s head coming that she realised she was about to give birth.