Woman asks internet for reminder not to have kids, man responds years later

We could all do with this man’s level of organisation [Photo: Pexels]
We could all do with this man’s level of organisation [Photo: Pexels]

No one expects a brief internet rant to actually achieve anything – especially if it was seven years ago.

But when one woman posted a reminder on Twitter not to have children in seven years, one man humbly obliged and reminded her. Seven years later.

In 2017, the woman posted “….somebody remind me in seven years not to have kids”.

A couple of days ago, almost seven years later to the dot, a man called Doug replied “dont [sic] have kids”.

We’re not sure whether Doug went to extreme lengths to remind himself, or stumbled across the woman’s tweet by mistake last week.

But either way, he was too late – she replied that she had already had kids, and her daughter is turning one next month.

Upon hearing the news, Doug said “you should have said five years”.

The exchange has been a hit on the internet, with Doug’s tweet having already gathered up more than 3,000 retweets and 12,000 likes.

Other Twitter users chimed into the conversation, including one pair who attempted to guess how Doug had remembered the date.

One Twitter user Abdul posed the question, to which another replied that Doug probably favourited it.

Unfortunately Doug’s reminder was still too late [Photo: Pexels]
Unfortunately Doug’s reminder was still too late [Photo: Pexels]

Abdul rightly replied that in this case, the “commitment is real”.

Despite its poor accuracy rate, others have requested Doug’s services and asked him to remind them not to have kids in five years.

Along with a variety of other requests:

“I need to take my daughter swimming at 4.30pm, and pick up something for tea. Is it asking too much…?” wrote one person.

Another posted: “Somebody remind me to study for my chem test this weekend.”

Here’s hoping Doug will rise to the occasion.

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