Woman asks if £10 note is acceptable wedding present, divides the Internet

Would you give £10 in cash as a wedding gift? [Photo: Pexels/]
Would you give £10 in cash as a wedding gift? [Photo: Pexels/]

A woman has sparked an online debate after asking whether she could get away with sending her sister a £10 note in a card as a wedding present.

The anonymous woman posted the question to Mumsnet, requesting for readers’ opinions on whether the amount was “too small” of a gift.

She revealed that she “can’t stand” her bride-to-be sister and explained how she and her husband were on a “super tight budget” as they “barely break even” each month.

“The bride and groom have asked for cash and I know I’ll get an aggressive call from my mum because the bridezilla is obsessed with money and will likely complain to her,” the woman wrote.

“I feel embarrassed because I know the bride will tell everyone but I don’t want to take money out of savings for her.”

[Photo: Mumsnet]
[Photo: Mumsnet]

The majority of Mumsnet users simply told the poster simply not to attend the wedding if she didn’t have a good relationship with her sister, while others said she should skip it due to the “embarrassing gift”.

Others were “shocked” she would give a present so “insulting” and “naff”, suggesting alternative cheap ideas, such as a bottle of fizz, flowers, or a family scrapbook.

But surprisingly, a large number of commenters felt that £10 was too much for the woman’s ‘bridezilla’ sister.

[Photo: Mumsnet]
[Photo: Mumsnet]

Quite a few Mumsnet users told the woman to send a card without money and pretend she had forgotten to include it, or that it had been stolen.

One suggested she should buy a sister a gift card for a shop she hated instead. Nice.

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