Airline's safety card accused of being 'sexist' by social media users

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An image of Wizz Air’s safety card is circulating online after a passenger described it as “sexist”. [Photo: Getty]
An image of Wizz Air’s safety card is circulating online after a passenger described it as “sexist”. [Photo: Getty]

Wizz Air has been accused of being “sexist” after a passenger shared the safety card on her recent flight.

The budget airline’s safety card shows a woman in a bodycon dress putting on a life jacket, navigating the plane’s door and jumping into the water.

Laura Watkin tweeted: “Really @wizzair? Surely the bare legs would result in serious chafing on the emergency slide? #jobsforwomen #everydaysexism #bodycon #stereotype”

Although some people were quick to agree with the woman, others chose to suggest she is from “generation snowflake” instead.

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Another wrote: “Crazy women! It’s not sexism, you are crazy!”

But Watkins was keen to prove her point, and replied to one comment saying: “Was it necessary to accentuate body shape so prominently? I don’t think so. Which does perpetuate stereotypes about how we view (in this case) a woman. That’s my point. We don’t have to agree. This is my opinion.”

She’s not the first person to think the woman on Wizz Air’s safety card is sexist.

Earlier in the year, one man tweeted: “Wizz Air, do you think that the woman on your safety card is a little over sexualised??”

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Another wrote: “Whoever designed the Wizz Air safety procedures card should probably have had a cold shower first…”

Since then, tweets about the card have gained momentum, but not everybody is in agreement.

One Twitter user wrote: There is no reason to shout sexism as soon as you see a woman that looks decent, on a safety card. Just look at the flight attendants on your flight. How else would people identify the flight attendants if they do not draw them the way they look and have looked for decades?”

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