Winona Ryder gave 'personal jeans' to Stranger Things

Winona Ryder donated her jeans to Stranger Things credit:Bang Showbiz
Winona Ryder donated her jeans to Stranger Things credit:Bang Showbiz

Winona Ryder donated her "personal jeans" from the 1980s to the l atest season of 'Stranger Things'.

Costume designer Amy Parris wanted to make everything in the show as "authentic" as possible and was delighted when the 50-year-old actress was able to get her hands on clothes she'd worn during the era that the Netflix series is set.

She said: "The show is all about being authentic.

“We even used Winona own personal ’80s jeans from her parents' closet! They were already the perfect amount of distressed and worn-in.

"We avoid using anything new or contemporary unless it’s absolutely necessary to have multiples and if we don’t have time to make it ourselves…about 90 per cent of the show is vintage or built from scratch.”

Amy and her team also studied "real kids" from various school yearbooks of the era when it came to putting together looks for the Hawkins High and Lenora Hills High School students.

She told Australia's Harper's Bazaar magazine: “We looked at real kids from the time period. I spent lots of time on, which has assorted yearbooks, gathering images of real students in different parts of the country. I also found lots of D D club group photos which lent lots of inspiration for the Hellfire Club. Eddie’s outfit was inspired by dudes who listened to wizard metal like Dio and King Diamond.

“Hawkins would have been almost a decade behind in fashion, seeing as there was limited connection to current fashion pre-internet, so we edged closer to the earlier ’80s."

The style expert urged anyone inspired by the wardrobes on the show to shop vintage.

She said: “It’s more sustainable for the environment and way more unique for your closet.

"As you start to find vendors that have clothing you like, save their online stores and check back often to see what treasures they have found and put on sale.”