Wine company is looking for someone to taste test their new drinks for £200 a pop

A wine company is giving people the chance to earn £200 a pop to taste-test their products. (Getty Images)
A wine company is giving people the chance to earn £200 a pop to taste-test their products. (Getty Images)

The chances are we’ll be spending a little more time at home than anticipated over the next few months.

If a glass of red or white is how you like to wind down at the weekend, then we may have the perfect job for you.

A wine company is searching for people to taste test their wine - and not only will be the drinks be free, but they’ll pay £200 a pop on top.

Wine subscription service Wine List - who deliver wine to people’s doorsteps - hopes that you’ll help them decide what to include in their future ranges.

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The role will see you receive a box filled with wine up to four times a year, and all you need to do is enjoy it and complete a short review on each bottle.

Explaining on their website how they need a new recruit for their “wine tasting panel”, the brand revealed that “at the moment, the three full time Wine List staff all help choose the wines that we will send out”.

They continued: “But we want to find a new addition to our panel: someone from outside the wine trade to help us.”

To finish, they added: “This will help inform our tasting notes, understanding of the wines, and our decision-making process.

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“The wines we share with you will be from part of a short list of potential wines we're considering.

They are calling on people to apply for the important role - with the only limitations being that you need to not have any wine qualifications or wine training.

Other than that, you just need to be over 18 years old, and able to submit your detailed product reviews within a week of receiving the box.

Those interested need to write a 150-word review of their favourite wine costing below £10.

The deadline is 30th October, with the lucky taste tester selected on 15th November.

Fancy applying? Find out more information here.